GDELT Project: Multilingual News Search

Searching The World's News Across Languages

This simple news search interface uses the GDELT Full Text Search API to offer a very simple news search engine that allows you to search across the English translations of global news media from almost every country in 65 languages!

Type a word or phrase into the box above and hit enter to see the global coverage that GDELT has monitored in the last 24 hours about it. After a few seconds you will see a timeline of the total volume of matching articles (divided by the total number of all articles monitored by GDELT to normalize it), the average tone/sentiment of that coverage, a word cloud of the English translations of all coverage, and at the bottom, a list of the top 50 matching articles. Read more about the API for a complete list of available commands.

This web page is just a very simple wrapper around the Full Text Search API, showing how you can build, in just a few minutes, rich massively multilingual news exploration interfaces that break down the language barrier and allow users to peer across the world's news in the world's languages. Just do "View Source" on this page to use it as a template for your own interfaces!


The two timelines below offer insight into the popularity and sentiment around your search in global news media over the past 24 hours, assessed in 15 minute increments and smoothed using a rolling window to make trends more apparent. The top timeline shows the percent of all coverage monitored by GDELT that matched your search - this normalization automatically adjusts for the ebb and flow of total media volume over the course of the day. The second timeline plots the average tone/sentiment from positive to negative - the higher or lower the number, the more postive/negative, respectively, the overall coverage has been.

Word Cloud

The word cloud below displays the top words appearing most frequently in the top results returned for your query - for coverage in languages other than English, the word cloud uses its English translation. This offers a rapid summary overview of the general context around your search.

Article Image Collage

The collage below shows the top articles matching your search that provided social sharing images. This offers a rapid visual triage of the visual narrative surrounding your search. NOTE that these are simply images found in the articles matching your search of the text of the articles - no analysis has been performed of the images themselves, so images may or may not relate directly to your search. Click on any image to open its correponding article in a new browser window. Click on the link at the bottom of the collage to open a new browser window with an expanded collage of many more articles.

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Matching Articles

The table below lists a selection of the top articles matching your search. Click on any article to open it in a new browser window.